My whole life  that little voice in my head was saying “I have no artistic skills what-so-ever… brother got all the artistic skill  in my family”  I don’t know why it was there.  Maybe people had told me that in the past or maybe because my brother was so accomplished I thought I didn’t measure up.  Maybe the school system beat the artistic skill out of me or maybe it was just convenient excuse for not doing art.  Maybe I had just never found the right medium to express my artistic talents.   Or maybe….I was just moving so fast in my corporate career that I couldn’t feel the artistic energy.  It doesn’t really matter what happened before because at the age of 50 I was introduced to acrylic abstract painting by a very good friend and mentor.  Soon I couldn’t sleep because paintings were in  my head.                      

I use colour and texture to create energy and movement in the paintings.  I hope that people who view the art will be energized and uplifted.  We are all connected through the universal energy and art is a channel for those connections.

I was born in Finland and immigrated with my family to Canada in 1960.   I went to school in Calgary attending Western Canada High School and the University of Calgary. Most of my corporate career has been here as well.  I am currently involved in leadership development and executive coaching.