Artist Biography – Tiina Moore

I was born in Kokkola Finland and immigrated to Calgary, Canada when I was just three years old.  I studied Psychology at the University of Calgary and have had a successful corporate career in both high-technology sales and in human resources.

For most of my life my sabotaging mind told me that I had no artistic skill so I came to the joy of painting very late in life. It was introduced to me by a very good friend and great coach.  He showed me that I could do anything I wanted to do.  It has only been a few short years and even though I still learn something from every painting I can now proudly say that I have a body of work; I have participated in some large shows; I have sold some commissions and I now have a studio. 

 I preferred to paint large canvasses using lots of colour straight from the tube.  I use lots of energy when creating the paintings and place the canvasses on the floor as it allows me to move.  My hope is that the positive energy that I put into creating the paintings is obvious to the viewer and connects them to the energy.

I continue my corporate career and am currently consulting with major corporations to help them develop their leaders.  I do this mostly through facilitation and executive coaching.  My career allows me to paint for the sheer joy of it without being stressed by having to make a living at it.  I try to bring the same creative energy to the corporate work that I do that I bring to the painting. My own experience of the change that can happen for a person even later in life makes me a better more inspirational coach.

My work has been shown at the 2009 and 2010 Calgary Multicultural Centre – Cultural Intersection Art Show.  It can also be seen in private homes and offices in Canada or at my studio in Calgary, Canada.